Zoe: Justice for Us

By Zoe, Nairobi

By Zoe, Nairobi

People do time for murder; worse if it’s the murder of an innocent entity, then it could mean life in prison, or death row! But have all the murderers faced justice?

This is a cry for justice, responsibility and accountability.

In a world of chaos, we came up with beautiful multilateral organizations to create order. These organizations set laws and standards to protect the environment. But in the crime of climate change, the question is whether the organizations are the defendants, prosecutors or judges. Have they passed the sentence or have they committed the crimes?

They say climate change will not occur in this generation or the next. But have the International Organizations lived up to these declarations? ‘Yes!’ is the resounding answer. ‘Yes, we have done our best.’

I wish they would say that to the people suffering from asthma and cancer because of the gaseous emissions produced by industries.

I want them to say that to the parents of the thousands of children who die every year of cholera because of the polluted water they drink.

I want them to say that to the farmers who suffer from severe losses because their plants simply can’t hold into the soil. I want them to say that to the people who suffer from hypertension, undergoing therapy because of the noise from the club next door.

I want them to say that to the deformed, blind, infertile and people with cancer because of nuclear explosions in Japan and Chernobyl.

I want them to say that to the hundreds of people in India and Bangladesh who have been displaced from their homes because of floods.

I want them to say that to astronomers and scientists around the world who can’t see the stars because of all the lights.

I want them to say that to me and my generation who just hear folklore about swimming in rivers, fishing for tadpoles after the rain… and catching beautiful butterflies.

What is left for my generation? Can we all stand as one and act on these promises before it is too late?

Protect another victim through action.