Faith: Behind the Fate of Museum

Behind the Fate of Museum

A destiny of a small girl

Never had she dreamt of being here

She never thought of humanity,

But she was not selfish

In the museum of hope

In the museum of destiny

Where her fate was planned

How could life throw such surprises to her?

How dare life?

But life was daring enough to take her unaware

She couldn’t take much,

But she knew she was in love

She was in love with beauty

The original beauty of beauties,

She was in love with Mother Nature

She loved green but yet she wore black

She met many

But none amused her much

She saw many but none possessed such beauty

Damn it! Was nature so blinding?

It passed the charming smile of trees

Yet she was here, for her people

People filled with hope,

The hope of her children,

But not the children of man

Not the children of blood

Not the children who hid from the sun

The children adopted by Wangari Maathai

But this is her destiny

To save the original beauty

Help me bring Eden back home

The National Museum has given me a chance to fulfill my dreams, the dreams of being close to nature

And I thank so much for this opportunity, I am so grateful for this chance.