Meet Paloma.

By Paloma, Minnesota

By Paloma, Minnesota

Some facts about me: I am kind of short. I love to read books of all kinds, from autobiography to fantasy. I have an unnatural ability to memorize odd facts.  I love animals and insects (I have spent the last two summers interning at the Como Zoo, working with animals and teaching visitors about them and the importance of conservation), particularly reptiles. During the school year, I am a member of the Gender-Sexuality Alliance (GSA) and I give presentations in health classes.  I am bilingual, speaking Spanish and English.

On STEAM: Within the fields encompassed by STEAM, my strengths are science, math, and art. Science is a passion of mine as I am a huge biology nerd, and I’m really good at math because I memorize formulas easily. Both of my parents are artists, so I was raised doing art and going to galleries. 

The area I would like to develop in is technology, because I’m not very good with computers or anything with a hard drive. I can’t even type well. One skill I’d like to gain from this program would be technological competence.

On GDW: I want to be a part of something that helps the community improve. As one single person, it’s hard to feel you’re making a difference—I hope that being part of a group will allow me to raise more awareness around an environmental problem.