Discussing Nick Cave's "Soundsuit"

By Amy and Florentina, Minnesota

By Amy and Florentina, Minnesota

Amy: One of my absolute favorite artworks at the Minneapolis Institute of Art is a sculpture in the Modern and Contemporary wing called “Soundsuit,” by Nick Cave. This statue is my favorite work because it is so unique—it is visually appealing and fun for all ages to visit.

Florentina: This is one of my favorite works of art at Mia, too. The piece caught my eye because it was so different— I loved how everything had its own pattern, yet fit so well together.

Amy: Cave was an inspirational artist that wanted his work to combine art, fashion, and dance.

Florentina: He goes around to flea markets, thrift stores, and auctions to get cast-off goods and clothing. His suits are all handcrafted, and he actually performs in them! It’s like a sculpture, but it’s not.

Amy: The piece is part of a statue now, but the idea for these “soundsuits” was that they would be worn and danced in, in protest of police brutality in the early 1990s. I find it inspiring because it shows that a simple statue or a costume can hold such meaning and make a big statement.

Check out Nick Cave’s Soundsuit in Gallery 374!