Meet Quinn.

By Quinn, Minnesota

By Quinn, Minnesota

I was initially (and immediately) drawn into Girls Design the World based on the opportunity to collaborate with other girls and women professionals. One of my ongoing goals, however, is to gain more knowledge in each of the STEAM fields; I am always looking to build on my skills and learn new techniques, and I saw this internship as the perfect opportunity.

In terms of STEAM, I have studied, practiced and appreciated science and art to a fuller extent. I am fascinated by science, particularly biology (I’m taking an AP biology class this year). Art, too, is so amazing to me—I have the power of persuasion with my paintbrush and pencil. I love being able to create something physical when I may have trouble putting thoughts into words.

On the other side of STEAM, I am not the best with technology or engineering. I want to learn more about these subjects to improve my skills and confidence and I believe they go hand in hand with science and art. To be able to combine all of these subjects would give me a chance to create something unlike anything I’ve done before and reach larger audiences, thus making the greatest possible impact.

Finally, another amazing part of this internship is the added aspect of environmental issues. My passion for our environment grows and grows as I learn more about the problems we face on a daily basis. Girls Design the World addresses these problems and will actually take a stand. I have experienced many situations in which people express passion towards environmental topics, but never follow through with their ideas. Girls Design the World gives us the platform to combine our skills and passions to inform and persuade, which is not only refreshing, but extremely powerful.