Alicia's GDW Playlist

By Alicia, Minnesota

By Alicia, Minnesota

This first set of songs either relate to or remind me of the environment. The second set of songs are those which I believe are empowering for young women. Click play!

Environmental Songs

Earth Song - Michael Jackson

Cry - Michael Jackson

Man in the Mirror - Michael Jackson

Heal The World - Michael Jackson

Kids - MGMT

Never Turn Your Back on Mother Earth - Neko Case

(Nothing but) Flowers - Talking Heads

Sprawl II - Arcade Fire

Black Mirror - Arcade Fire

Our Trees - Teagan & Sara

Sick of You - Lou Reed

Love in the Future - REO Speedwagon 

Empowering Songs for Girls and Women

King of the World - First Aid Kit

Wannabe - Spice Girls

No Scrubs - TLC

Survivor - Destiny's Child

Run the World (Girls) - Beyoncé