Welcome to our “Girls Design the World” website! We will be sharing stories about us and our work with our communities in Nairobi and the Twin Cities. We have already been up to so much.

We met each other through a videoconference in October. It was 1 am in Minneapolis and 9 am in Nairobi when we introduced ourselves and talked about our personal interests. Since then we have been meeting weekly in our own cities with community members, environmental specialists, and artists.

We are using a process called design thinking, or human-centered design, to come up with ways we can help our communities. Right now we are beginning to brainstorm solutions to challenges we have chosen to work on based on interviews and research. Soon we will be prototyping and testing our ideas with members of our communities. All of this will eventually culminate in exhibitions of our work at the Minneapolis Institute of Art and the National Museums of Kenya in Nairobi.  Five of us from each city will travel internationally to meet our partners, explore their cities, and see their exhibition.

Each week you will meet at least two girls—one from Nairobi, and one from the Twin Cities—through our personal blog posts. We hope our experiences will inspire you to find out what you can do to imagine solutions for your communities’ challenges.