Meet Jaylin.

By Jaylin, Minnesota

By Jaylin, Minnesota

My name is Jaylin; I’m a junior at Park Center High School. Over the summer I had the privilege of interning with an amazing organization called The Brandlab. It was through that internship that I learned about another (new!) program: Girls Design the World.

My Brandlab group members and I were assigned to do the branding for Girls Design the World. This included designing a logo, pulling inspiration for the website, ensuring search engine optimization, and overall business branding. Working on this project was truly a learning experience. It was exciting and intense. My team members and I worked collaboratively and creatively to ensure we delivered what our client was looking for. Through trial and error, we were able to create a brand that we were not only extremely proud of, but that exceeded the expectations of our client.

My role in the group was keeping everyone on task. It was crucial to remain focused, stay positive and be consistent while integrating new ideas and concepts. I also played a major part in choosing the color scheme for the logo. Knowing the logo would announce this new brand to the world, it had to be hued just right. We needed it to be “strong enough for the world, but made to represent girls.” My teammates and I wanted to represent the power of the all-female program, while staying true to the idea that it revolves around STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.

Recently, I was asked why I wanted to be a part of Girls Design the World. The answer is simple... why wouldn’t I? From the beginning of my work with Brandlab, I knew the program was going to represent girls as strong minded individuals and create a sisterly connection not just in our city, but globally.